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The national math competition for university students is back!

Prepare to be challenged and inspired as you compete, attend conferences and meet exceptional people

Sunday July 28th to
Thursday August 1st
Top Students from
Bac+1 to Bac+4
UM6P | College of Computing

What is it all about ?

Get ready for two contest days, inspiring conferences, fun activities, and memorable moments. Explore what awaits you in our exciting schedule.

200+ Participants

3 Speakers

5 fully sponsored days


Engage with exceptional speakers from world-class institutions. Prepare for insightful conferences and stimulating discussions that will broaden your perspective on mathematics.


Learn about our invaluable partners who share our commitment to fostering excellence in math. Their support makes this event a reality.

Organizing team

Discover the passionate individuals behind the scenes who dedicated countless hours to make this competition possible. Get to know them before meeting in person in UM6P.


Explore the prizes awaiting top performers in the competition.

We talk about it

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